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Thread: New Bow Headaches!!

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    MJH what you are experiencing is that you are relaxing to much and your form is collapsing. Pair that with what sounds like a shorter valley on your new bow and you get the feeling the bow is ready to go. At least that's what it sounds like. Shortening the draw though it may help wont help you with form issues. You need to keep your bow arm rigid and squeeze your shoulder blades together. That will allow you to relax. You want your bow arm rigid and carry the tension through your shoulder blades and to your release and anchor. Essentially right now your are relaxing that tension and creeping forward from your anchor and the bow is getting off the back-wall in through the valley. Keep practicing and relax but make sure you don't collapse your form it only takes a little bit to get out of the valley.
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    Yep that's a lot of what I feel as well MJH. I am also thinking that the much lighter bow is what is causing most of my wobble and unsteadiness too. A lot to get used to and I only wish I had another month or two to get ready and to be able to tweak a few things.
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