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    Used scent one year and it was the worst. Started smoking my clothes since I, and a good bit of my closest neighbors burn wood for heat. They are used to that smell around these parts. You can never get rid of all your scent but, by using scent kill on your boots it gives deer the illusion that you walked through hours earlier. False sense of security. By using scents and mock scrapes I truly believe it hurt more than helped.
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    radicalxl, I burn wood for heat and keep my hunting clothes an a "scent free" bag. I keep the bag in the basement with the wood stove. Plus I keep my boots close to the stove as well. It smells like wood smoke not human and that is a good thing. I have not had any issues getting winded. When I get made it is because of movement or accidentally smacking something off of my stand when getting ready.
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