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Time to start doing all day sits or is it still to early?

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Thread: Time to start doing all day sits or is it still to early?

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    Time to start doing all day sits or is it still to early?

    I hunt just west of Columbus in Madison County. I am going out tomorrow and wasn't going to go out until about 3. I am just wondering is it to early to start going out as long as possible I can get out to my stand around 11 or 12.

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    Got a mature buck on camera at 11am this past Tuesday morning the 28th.
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    All day sits to me really comes down to location
    as some places really only get deer at either mornings or, more likely evenings
    but all day sits in areas deer can be found, is never a bad idea, and sure beats the odds of killing one from home LOL
    and last, the rut is starting it seems, seen then dogging a doe now, and rubs and scrapes all oveover so?

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    I will be setting all day starting Saturday.

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    If you have the time off now for the next couple of weeks I would be out in the woods as much as possible. bucks chasing now. it is the beginning of the pre-rut and bucks are on the move. I will be doing an all day sit Sat. and Sun. and it won't be on the couch.

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    Hearing all the 'reports' it sounds like it may be a good idea sooner than later.
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    A guy I work with went out this morning saw 6 different bucks and 1 doe. all the bucks were looking, some with nose to the ground. 2 were ready to square off with there hair on end and ears pulled back. he said 1 was a shooter ran past his stand with nose to the ground. I think the pre-rut is here I will be doing an all day sit this Sat. and Sun.

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