Username:Mankato Tom
Years Bowhunting:2
Public or Private Land:both
Own Land (Y/N):some
Type of bow:Barnett Brotherhood 350
Other Bow Accessories:
3D Shooter (Y/N):
If yes, name of club:
Gunhunter (Y/N):
Predator Hunter (Y/N):
Turkey Hunter (Y/N):
How You Found
Other Information You Wish To Share:I've been hunting since last season. Saw 8 deer last year but couldn't close the deal for various reasons. Got the fever pretty bad, love being in a stand but want better results. I'm a spong for any info to help turn myself into a better hunter.
Any Information You Need:I fear I burnt out my private spot, but like hitting public land. Looking for any and all advice on getting better at scouting/ getting in position stealth like on public land.