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Thread: 2014-15 Rut activity

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    As I said elsewhere, my first sighting of the year included two does, one with a fawn, and a buck that ran them off and didn't give me a shot at any of them... how rude!
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    Any one been seeing any action

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    Went out this morning. Seen 17 deer. 7 were bucks and all came in grunting and chased a doe around when they could. It's getting close!!!

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    You're a lucky guy mike, lol. I sat for a couple hours this morning and saw nothing.
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    Out scouting a new area today. Found several fresh scrapes through out the area. Found a doe bedding area also. Found 1 tree I can get my climber in at the beginning of the funnel. To keep from being skylined I can only go up about 10 ft. Bumped deer while I was heading out of the woods. They were up and moving today.
    Rut is slowly getting ready. I will start setting all day this coming weekend.
    Good luck all

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    As I stated in warmer temp post saw a 6pt. with a doe going in to stand along fence line to the pasture. when in my swamp stand about 5:45pm had a doe walk out of thicket behind me. she waded in belly deep water. turned around and saw a shooter 8pt. behind her. all branches behind me in tree and on the ground. just couldn't find any shooting hole to take a shot. went out this morning tree swaying back and forth with the wind no deer. I did some trimming behind my stand. 1st time in this stand was saving for the rut. should get interesting this week end.

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    I was out all day Sunday. Was suprised to see two different small bucks in the morning chasing does pretty hard. But then on the other hand i hunted the evening 30 miles away and had a nice 8 come trough an hour before dark and he was only interested in eating acorns... Either way shouldnt be long before it fires up!

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    Rattled in a 6 point on Sunday around 10:15am. (Licking county)He was the only deer I saw all day. Noticed the first scrape I've seen in my area exiting the stand. I would assume with the temps dropping into the 20s Friday and Saturday that they will be very active.

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    Was lucky enough to hunt morning and evening yesterday... thinking I would see some chasing. Never saw a deer until after I walked out to the truck last night at dark. I rattled...grunted... and had two nice long sits. I usually don't go without seeing any deer during a sit more than once or twice a season, so I was pretty shocked. However, it was 77 here in Muskingum County yesterday... it only got down to 63 overnight. I have only seen one rub so far. I am thinking it will be on after this rain and cold front appear tomorrow. They are talking high winds and temps in the 20's. It will be early November in a few days so I have to believe the action is going to pick up fast. My wife is leaving town for the weekend with younger kids... so I will be spending a lot of quality time in the Ol' Tree Walker between now and Monday. Best of luck to all of you on the forum as we enter the time of year we have all been awaiting.

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    I was at the farm today, removing some more stands
    and seen a nice buck dogging a doe back and forth thru my old food plots
    he didn'
    t care I was there at all, and she was runnng for dear life it seemed LOL
    found some HUGE rubs ans scrapes too, all over the woods, just torn up
    looks like its the time to be up a tree guys!

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