OK if anyone is thinking about doing a food plot this spring
by joining the national wild turkey federation, NWTF.
they are currently running a special to memebers
they are willing to sell a bag of there clover seed for half price for just being a member
and as a member of the NWTF, they always have seed sales for wildlife that happen in spring time, they get left over seeeds from major farms out west and like places
and then local chapters can get the seeds, they in return sell it to members at huge discounted prices
like a $350 bag of round up corn seed can be had normally for like 25 bucks or so
the deal is you must be a member, and you must sign an agreement with them, that the seed will be planted for wildlife and NOT harvested
they get all types of seeds, so you have to ask your local chapter what they have yr to yr
but its a great way to help afford a food plot