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Looking for a Rabbit Beagle...

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Thread: Looking for a Rabbit Beagle...

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    Looking for a Rabbit Beagle...

    Im looking for a rabbit beagle. Doesn't matter if its a female or male. let me know or where I can go thanks.

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    An old man told me many years ago that the best rabbit dog he ever had came from a dog pound

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    A buddy of mine has a couple puppies left.

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    I am looking for one now only want a female though

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    well 00Buck
    I wish you were closer to me, as I might have been able to hook you up
    A friend of mine passed away today, and he just got a female beagle about 2 yrs ago or less
    came from champion blood lines
    BUT was never trained to hunt, but was a great looking beagle and had a hell of a nose on it, I think could have been able to still turn it into a good hunting dog
    as my buddy's wife never liked the dog, so I am pretty sure she will be looking to get rid of it
    so, if you were close, I could maybe get it for you for free if you would be interested
    but way up here in PA< thats more likely not something your interested in
    but IF??

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