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lure gone bad

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Thread: lure gone bad

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    lure gone bad

    I was hunting with my bow this weekend and when I got in my tree I squirt out some of Bob Kirschner's curiosity scent on the ground.It helps to keep my scent away my doing it while in the tree.I entered my tree stand from the back way so I didn't leave any scent on the ground where I thought a deer would come.Around 9 Oclock a small 4pt showed up in the direction I thought he would he put his nose up in the air and started towards the scent.He stopped one time smelling the air and the ground for a long time. Then as he moved closer his tail went up he ran back to where he came from and was gone.I know it was a doe only weekend and I passed on 2 4pts and one small 6pt the 1st Sat. Knowing what I have found on my trail camera's so he was not on my list any ways but I am wondering could the lure be bad. I have used it before with success early season.The wind was blowing towards me if it blew at all.I noticed as my wife did when I opened the package you could smell it with out opening the bottle.I told my wife they must have spilled it or something.I am wondering now if I should use it again for fear if it may spook a big buck if it already scared off a small 4pt.Any ideas appreciated.I sprayed myself down before and when I got in the stand and with the wind or lack of it I know he never smelled me but caught the sent of the lure.

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    Well scents do go bad, but at the same time, its as possible as anything, he smelled you too
    spray down or not, human scent can happen, and spook a deer thermals heat temp changes can send scent in many directions

    Then again, any new scent to an area can get a deer on high alert and cause them to leave or stay out of an area
    all deer react differently
    so even if good scent, not bad/spoiled
    can spook a deer
    also why I tend to use less if any at all any more
    its all a roll of the dice if you ask me, seen it spook deer, seen it bring em in
    out of same bottle same day???

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    It could have been bad but not all deer respond to scents the same. I have had them spook and others come in to the same scent. He may have also picked up your scent or something else in the woods. I tend not to use scents anymore since I have had the same type of success using the scents as well as not using them. So to me it is just one less thing I have to deal with going into my stand.
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