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Thread: first day success?

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    I will be sitting in my stand all day Saturday and Sunday on public land, possibly switching stand locations at mid-day. I usually fill one antlerless tag every opening weekend. Not looking to tag a buck till I take my week vacation from Nov 2nd - Nov 9th unless the opportunity presents itself.

    Good luck to everyone who goes on out opening weekend!!!
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    Definitely rare for me but I would welcome it this year. Just bought a new farm and I have a camp to finish building. I could go for sleeping in on Sunday and driving my hunting buddies nuts with my generator and power tools.


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    I'll take a doe if the opportunity comes my way. Really would be shocked if I seen a buck that's on the list.
    Patience and perseverance have a magical affect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."
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    so it seems not too many people here have high hopes of MR big on openig day LOL
    yrs back I used to hope it would happen, and now a days I could care less it seems
    I hunt in my home state for trespassers more than bucks LOL or it sure feels and seems that way last few yrs!
    if one comes along(eather one a buck or trespasser) I do what I can when and if it happens
    but no hopes of tagging out on opening day anymore, not this yr for sure!

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