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The farmer and DEA agent

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Thread: The farmer and DEA agent

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    The farmer and DEA agent

    One day there is a knock on the door and the farmer answers and its a DEA agent, he notifys the farmer he is searching for illegal drugs on the property and is going to take 4 or 5 agents with him. The farmer more the obliges him and as he is about to close the door, he turns and mentions to the agent to not go on that side of the feild. The DEA agent blows up, starts hollaring and screaming about how he is a government agent this, that and the other and he pulls a badge out and expresses to the farmer how this badge gives him total jurisdiction and authority to come and go as he pleases where he pleases and he will look under every tree and bush on his property. The farmer appologizes and closes the door. The farmers wife a short time later calls for her husband to come quick and look out the kitchen window. The farmer does look out and in a sheer panic flies out of the house towards the fence. As the farmers 1500 pound Angus bull is but a meer few steps behind the now panicing, winded, sprinting for his life DEA agent, the farmer yells to him "YOUR BADGE, SHOW HIM YOU ALMIGHTY BADGE, THAT SHOULD STOP HIM!!!"

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    hahaha thats GOOD!!! I was like where is this joke going and then the badge part came up. Great Joke! (:

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