The wife and I went hunting for our first anniversary last week at nearby (to us in NMBSC) Hemingway, SC with Waccamaw Hunting Services, guided by Rick Grubb. It was a two day hunt, bowhunted the last afternoon, gun hunted the other three times. We both saw lots of deer at each sitting, at least half of which were bucks. Very well managed in terms of pressure, habitat, and hunter trigger control.

I shot this 213 pound, 15" spread nine point on the first afternoon. Biggest buck of my life. Not big for Ohio probably but this is a beast for our region of South Carolina. My wife shot at a hog but it was never recovered. I believe she hit it too far back.

The bowhunt the last afternoon was excellent. Saw eight deer in bow range, just no nanny does I wanted to shoot or shooter bucks. Had a blast, however.

If you want a SC hunt, I highly recommend Waccamaw Hunting Services. They have a facebook page and a regular website.

(Note: free ranging deer and hogs; the game cam picture shows a "hog panel" that allows deer to eat corn but keeps the pigs out of the pile)