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    i preffer beans to corn fields. i also seem to drift towards field edges more than sitting in the woods i just have better luck that way it seems.whats you guys opions and favorite areas ?

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    I have hunted around fields, and have experienced mostly does and small bucks over the years. The occasional big bucks would cruise by, but not like hunting a funnel, or where a funnel meets a woods. Also downwind of a bedding area is a very good spot to be during the rut. both of those are my favorites. Late season a little different more towards the fields. good topic to talk about
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    im going to try to hunt a creek bed that funnels into a thick beddin area thats bein traveled pretty goin to hunt some thicker areas this year in hopes of finding a larger buck cause god knows they didnt get that big by walking around in the open lol.and thanks i thought this would be a decent topic.

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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    I prefer some type of funnel situation. When it comes to hunting field edges I always hunt the inside corners.
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    well I like to hunt over food plots for deer, they always provide me with action, Not always a kill or a big buck, but I get to see a lot of deer/wildlife, and well, see a Lot of bucks too

    where and how I hunt honestly all depends on where I am hunting
    as over the yrs I figured out that seems more important than what type of terian or pinch point or???
    places with very low pressure, deer seem to be out and about care free almost pressured deer, move very little in daylight

    so I play what and where the deer are, and adjust as needed

    But food always means deer in my book, Now what time they will be eating???
    thats the trick !

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    i prefer bean fields more than anything, anytime of year, but i prefer evening....dont get me wrong i still hang a stand around the swamp too just to catch em coming out of the beds during rut but just being able to see all the wildlife clear with no obstructions in way of sight is a magical thing
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    portage county
    downwind of bedding areas and funnels
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    I like to find the thickest nastiest stuff and hunt enterance/exit trails. My favorite spot this year involves walking down an old access trail through the middle of some thick nasty stuff to get to an small area that is a funnel where there are beds and a small green field close by. also on the posted ground that this area borders is an apple orchard. So I essentially set up in the very narrow space that is this funnel that is between the bedding and two food sources. I wish there was a better way in but I hope it pays off in the rut this year. Otherwise I wont go into this spot at any time other than the rut. Since the deer are a little more forgiving that time of the year. Sometimes I bump a deer out of there on the way in but things like that happen. I get in early in the morning to minimize the risk.

    But to answer your question. I hunt the nasty stuff or the edges of it. I usually dont hunt field edges simply because they havent really worked out for me but I guess I could give it a try again sometime.
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    I like to hunt clusters of acorn trees near bedding areas. If no acorns, I concentrate on funnels leading to the nearest food source.

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    In big corridors to and from the thickest, nastiest cuts I can find.

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