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Thread: lighted nocks??

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    lighted nocks??

    OK I was wondering how many people use them

    I been using the easton lighted nocks now for about 3-4 yrs, on both my X bow and compound

    not the greatest, but they do work, and make arrow recovery SO much easier, have even missed a target and couldn't find in day time, but came back at night and right to it!

    I have had to let a few deer go over night on shots on deer, at last light, and came back next day and nock was still going strong, have even left them on to see how long one will last and have gotten 3+ full days of of them working!

    anyone else use them besides me?

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    Hey mrbb I've use aluminock for 5 or more yrs. Its the only way i can see where the arrow goes. My eyes are not what they use to be. The only issue I've had with them is sometimes the light goes out when they pass threw the animanl. They disconnect as they go threw. I have tried the easton lighted knocks and they worked the same without the light going out with a pass threw. But the small magnet that glues to the bow has always fell off at unknown times. A if the magnet isn't there the light does not come on. Great products though.
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    I found that on My X bow I glue it to my scope, and then wrap tape around the magnet as a make sure it stays put, then I load a bolt I just turn it on, then off again and it makes me double check to see that its working as well

    On my bow, I have an over draw I have it on with construction adhesive, have yet to have one come off since I did that

    and my eye's ain';t as good either and why I think I like them so much as well!

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    i use lumenocks but would like to try the nockturnals this year

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    I've used a "homemade" lighted nock in the past. Worked pretty well. I'm just lazy and the nocks on my arrows ain't broke, so I'll just use them.
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    I use the Nockturnal... After I missed a doe at dusk last year... I waited until after dark to look for my arrow. It looked like a brake light up on the side of a hill in the middle of the night. I was able to retrieve my arrow, my nock, and my it already paid for itself.

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    I use the nocturnals as well, no complaints
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    Same hear I use the nocturnals as well, no complaints

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    Where are you guys getting the nocturnals? All i ever see in the store is the lumenoks. Are they comparable in price?

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    I use illuminocks and i love how im able to see where exactly my shot landed so i kno whether or not to let the deer alone or go after it rite away
    there is only one way to do it, nock em dead!

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