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Sad day for me story!

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Thread: Sad day for me story!

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    Sad day for me story!

    Well for the last couple years I have been chasing one buck. Some will remember two years ago the story of myself missing this buck. I had only seen him a few times and a couple trail cam pictures. But still felt I was getting closer, one more chance. That was all I was asking! Tag soup was on the menu last year because all I wanted was to take him.

    Well last night I recieved a text message around 11pm, my wife woke me up and said that I better get it, might be one of the kids. So I did, it was not that! A guy that I once worked with, his son sent me a picture of a buck that was hit last Friday night by his buddy with in a couple 100 yard of where I have been hunting. And yes I'm 99% sure this is the guy I have been after. Man he has at least two more months in velvet and always worried he would get hit around rut time but was I wrong, June!

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    well that sucks, but at l;east you know what happened to him, and wasn't hunting a deer that was dead

    I lost a few good bucks over the rys to cars, always sucked!

    but not as bad as poaching in my eye's

    there the worst!

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    That sucks you don't get the chance to hunt him again this year. Looked like he was going to be a good one!

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    He looked like a dandy!!. to bad he had to die by been hit by a car , but you know his genetics are around and his brother or son could step out in front of you this fall.
    what goes around, comes around. (I sure do hope so)!!

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    That is a bummer! I was surprised when I seen the pic, I went to high school with your former co-workers son.
    "Get busy huntin' or get busy dyin"

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    man that stinks, i have been worried about the same thing happening with the buck I am hunting because I know he crosses a couple fairly busy roads on a nightly basis. Makes me sick to see the pic. Hope you find another buck just as good to hunt this fall.

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    Wow, what a shame such a great buck had to go that way!!! Well, at least you know now so you aren't looking for him all fall long.
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    What a bummer... at least you can be sure he bred some does last fall. I have been seeing tons of fawns this year. I think the mild winter we had has something to do with the survivability of the fawns this year... anyway hopefully in 4 or 5 more seasons one of his sons takes after dad and you get to attach a tag to his antler!!!

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    Sorry, Offtheground. Hopefully his genes are well represented in the area and you find and even bigger relative this fall.

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    That sucks. Sorry to hear that.
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