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Thread: New to this site and to Ohio

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    New to this site and to Ohio

    Just moved to the Canton area from Florida. I've done most of my whitetail hunting in Georgia where I had timber land leases. I've also hunted Il, Ks, Id, Pa, Me, Tx, Al, and a few other states i'm sure i've forgotten. My biggest deer are a 154" & 137" and also a P&Y Elk. All DIY hunts, never been on a paid hunt. I'm 100% bow only and have been for the past 17 seasons.
    Now that i'm here in Ohio i'm looking for places to hunt. Would like to ultimately lease some private land but, i'm sure i'll have to learn the public areas until I do.
    Any advice you guys wish to pass along i'm open to any and all suggestions. :bigear:

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    It would be up to you as to what you do there in Ohio since you now live there. You could go knocking on doors, talk to the game warden about public and private land, talk to the locals where you are at, etc.. My opinion, don't just settle for paying for land leases right off the bat. Sometimes the best friendships and access can be gained from just putting a little effort into talking to people.
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