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Crocodile hunting in Australia

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Thread: Crocodile hunting in Australia

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    Australia is considering a plan to allow the trophy hunting of saltwater crocodiles, officials said on Thursday, with the controversial idea being thrown open for public comment.

    The federal government rejected a similar proposal several years ago on the grounds that it was not appropriate, but has agreed to revisit the issue as crocodile numbers soar.

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    well I have had friends that went over there to hunt kangaroo's , and said there were them things all over places, and some HUGE one's

    but I would think that would be a costly hunt for anyone in the USA, but just look at how many gators there are in the south USA, and how few tags there are in most places that have them

    in Florida alone they say there is almost 1.2 + million gators

    think about that folks, there is only about 500,000 or less deer in ohio, and how common deer are, imagine 1.5 million gators in Fl, nd then the places they are, how dense they must be in some places!!

    just crazy if you ask me

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