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Doe's disappeared?

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Thread: Doe's disappeared?

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    Doe's disappeared?

    Well not disappeared but definitely didn't get as many on cam this time. Do you think the may have just given birth and are laying low for a while?

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    well this time of YR so much feed out there in most area's
    and them , well many about to drop fawns

    at my place doe sightings and even trail cam pic's of them are super low, 90 % of my pic's of deer last 1500 pic's were all bucks so??

    and all the doe's I have been seeing are in either single alone doe's

    or maybe 2 or three younger one's
    I don't think will have fawns.

    adult doe's seems to seperate from groups of deer when they have or are about to have a fawn

    I don't start seeing them back in groups till the fawns are about 6+ weeks old normally

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