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    new name

    Username: RackCityOutdoors
    Years Bowhunting: 5
    Public or Private Land: BOTH
    Own Land (Y/N): YES
    Type of bow: DIAMOND
    Other Bow Accessories:
    3D Shooter (Y/N):NO
    If yes, name of club:
    Gunhunter (Y/N): YES
    Predator Hunter (Y/N):
    Turkey Hunter (Y/N): YES
    How You Found BO.com: BBHUNTER2010
    Other Information You Wish To Share:

    lets start off by saying that my old username on here was BBHUNTER2010 but after last year i put alot into filming and
    so i decided this year i wanted to start my own outdoor productions company ..Rack City Outdoors ( RCO) is a hunting
    show that the average hunter can relate too, it is also a show that will teach the average hunter how to utilize their
    time spent in the field and MAXIMIZE THEIR RESULTS......WE ARE AVERAGE GUYS ..We manage the little private
    property that we have with minerals , food plots ,watering holes and other techniques ...some of our hunts will be done on public land as well.. .....some of our sponsors are ...INVITE EXTREME WILDLIFE SYSTEMS , ZWICKEY ARCHERY INC. ......AND BUCKEYE HEAD HUNTERS QUALITY EUROPEAN SKULL MOUNTS ...We hope as RCO grows that we are able to have a few give aways on this site .....rite now we are looking at probably one give away every 2-3 months ..stay tuned ..but anywho hows the turkey hunts coming along this year any good story's ...

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    Oct 2010
    Hilliard, OH
    went last Fri, sat,sun... Heard plenty of gobbles but couldn't get them to come in... all were henned up, at least where i was... Scioto cty. Weather was not the best... colder, overcast and rainy.

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    Best of luck for your company.

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