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any noble county guys here

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Thread: any noble county guys here

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    any noble county guys here

    one of the landowners i hunt off of has some land in noble county;just wanted to find out alittle bout the area from the locals:coolgleamA:

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    yes sir what would ya like to know

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    do you of newt olivers land on oliver rd or somthing like that,i know its a old overgrown pine thicket that buts up to some state land,is this area have any trophy potential

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    Is that by B&N coal company land?

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    im not sure where its at thats why i was asking the locals

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    if its where im thinkin then yea, there are alot of deer there. bow hunting you shouldnt have much troulble getting on deer, there have been some big ones taken there, no gun season i wouldnt go near there

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    I own land in noble. I am not sure of that area need more info.

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    i wish i had more to give you,i know its on oliver rd and its owned by newt oliver if you had a noble county plat book you could find it.

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    ok so i looked more into and it turns out that newt oliver road is actually less than 1 mile from the farm i hunt outside of sarahsville!!!!! the public land you are speaking of is wolf run state park........so i am very familar with the land you are speaking off........oliver road is off of haleys ridge road and i personally saw 4 years ago on a friends farm on haleys ridge a 160 class 10 and a 2 140ish 8s all running through a field(there was smaller bucks and does) now this was opening day of gun season and my friend wouldnt me take a shot because he had cattle in the field but they all ran in the direction of newt olivers...... now im sure they are all dead by now, but that would havebeen some damn good seed they ould have been spreading to the does!!!!! tons and tons of deer with high potential of trophys run all over wolf run and not alot of people hunt it..... kinda small public land and not many places to park tend tokeep them away and more towards AEP in belle valley and B&N coal land around summerfield. hopes this help if you wanna know more just ask me.....ask newt if he knows JC Slevin... thats the farm i hunt

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    sarashville is off of 78 right?

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