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Thread: struting/gobbleing

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    It seems everything this yr is earlier than normal. Even the turkeys, at full strut, white heads, gobbleing like crazy. It looks like it could be a good yr. I,m wondering what makes the hens lay and nest? Is it tempeture, time of yr, tom's pusing them to do so, or what?
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    been gobbleing and strutting here sonce feb??
    so I agree seems like every yr , well last efw its earlier and earlier
    same with green up too!

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    I would say that the temperature has a lot to do with it when they are laying their eggs. Probably a lot relies on subsequent days in a row at steady temperatures (the right temps) to get it to happen.
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    Its definitely going to be an interesting year to turkey hunt with greenup underway before the season even started, the early warm temperatures, and the previous two bad hatching seasons in a row. Could be challenging. What makes them nest and lay...don't know the answer to that one. Everything is probably 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule around here.
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