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Thread: New to the community.

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    Mar 2012

    New to the community.

    Hello there. I am new to the hunting community and archery. Bought my first bow last April. Bowtech assassin. 60# draw 29 inch draw length. I love shooting. Will be hunting in north east Ohio.

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    Canton, OH
    Welcome to the site. A great bunch of guys here. I also hunt north east Ohio in Carroll county mostly. Where do you hunt?

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    Aug 2008
    Hopefully somewhere really good! Welcome buddy! Glad you found the site.

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    Mar 2012
    ghunter, thanks. Southern Ashtabula county is where we will be. Did a turkey/deer scout on Saturday. Lots of good signs. Picked some good stand locations. Patmc81 and I will be hitting it hard out there this summer. And yes pay, hopefully it's good. I think it will be great!

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    northeast PA
    well welcome to the site
    glad to have another hunter here

    slow time of yr so, you know!

    gets better closer to deer season, as well come turkey its been known to pick up!!

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    Excellent to have you join us!!! Yep, the slow time of year since this is a considered primarily a bowhunting only site. Fact is, it really isn''s just a great place for friends to be made and a place to chit chat and ask matter the subject. With forum sections that cover just about every part of the outdoors BowhuntingOhio can be the place for everything.
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    Welcome to the forum Mightymet.

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