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plotting help?

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Thread: plotting help?

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    plotting help?

    Hello all, I would like to first start off by saying I am going to be on this site all the time and am not just using it to promote a company I am working for. I am on many other sites, and truly enjoy forums type atmospheres, and I plan to gain all your guys respect.

    Now after saying that I would like to tell you all about a business venture I am helping a friend out with.

    Tines and Spurs:

    What we do:
    Complete land consults
    Installation of watering holes
    Installation of food plots
    Suggestions on all aspects of your land
    Provide seeds, mineral licks, protein blocks(as much or as little as you want we can provide)
    Suggestions on tree stand placement
    Suggestions are harvest goals
    and more!

    We travel all over Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and are willing to go into Kentucky.

    The owner of the company has a masters degree in wildlife biology, and is a deer hunter himself. Please feel free to PM with any questions or openly ask on here! Hope you all are having a great off season and what a better time to try to improve your hunting grounds then now!

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    new name Racks-N-Spurs and we will be creating a website shortly stay tuned!

    I have really enjoyed this site guys!

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