Any Outfitter Review threads are subject to review and/or removal if they are found to be remotely slanderous, hearsay or non-factual in nature. Before you make a post regarding an outfitter you need to do the following:

1. Make every effort to resolve your problem with your outfitter, prior to posting something that can be damaging to a company's reputation, on any public forum such as

2. You MUST identify yourself by identifying yourself in your post (the name you used with your outfitter). We will not tolerate anonymous reviews that attempt to discredit or tarnish any company's reputation.

3. By posting your review it is up to you to provide FACTS; useful information the outfitter can use to promote or improve their business with.

4. All reviews are encouraged, however anyone caught writing a review that is found to be completely false (both good or bad) will have their post removed and the individual will be immediately banned from the forum.

If you have any questions regarding whether you can post up your review please contact a staff member.