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Walmart Archery Clearance

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Thread: Walmart Archery Clearance

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    Walmart Archery Clearance

    Hey just want to mention all Walmart having clearance sales on archery supplies. I grabbed a 3 pack of trophy ridge meat seekers reg. 39.99 for seventeen dollars. Been wanting to try them so on clearance couldn't go wrong.
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    I do the same i buy the Carbon exacta 31" arrows I bought 18 arrows for 38 dollars. they wiegh around 11 gpi, I strip them down and cut them down to my length, wrap them and fletch them . good cheap arrows I shot 5 deer with one arrow last year. Very cheap no logo on the shaft just plain black carbon shafts. Also the same Diameter as Gold Tips
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    i got a 2 man blind for 45$ reg 100$ in mossy oak break up infinaty camo been looking at em all yr and when went that low i was like yep mine hope have sum next wken pay day ill get another

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    I got some muzzy broadheads for 14 dollars. I've been wanting to see how they fly. An inexpensive way to find out.
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