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Thread: Shed info....for anyone interested!!!

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    great info, thats for taking the time to compile it

    based on your info, and the fact so many claim that a buck will hold its anlers till all the doe are breed, makes you wonder about if a third or forth
    so so rut goes on then?? as if most seem to hold them till feb, that could be two more months cycles, for breeding that could be going on

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    Nicely done Split.

    I saw a buck Sunday with his horns gone. It's crazy

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    awesome post! the only think i would say is cut cornfields, especially secluded are very high potential areas! the fact that you have to spend time in them can be very rewarding. I walked past a cornfield several times last year and finally decided to hunt it after sifting through the rest of the property. make marks at the end of the rows and jump 6 rows over and walk again. it takes a long time but i found 7 sheds in this 10 acre field. The strategy i use is....look for pieces of an antler, dont look for the whole thing because its not going to appear that way. look for points or a beam....because thats all your going to see sticking past the corn stubble. It helps a lot to take a shed and toss far in front of you in a field and walk and glass an the area till you find it! The only other help i can give yall is dont look in a 50 yard circle your stressing out your eyeballs! most of my sheds have been found 15 feet or closer! Good Luck!

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    I've got a few place's just like that. I'm going to give it a try this week-end. We just got some snow, it should be gone by then. Thanks for the info.

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    happy shed hunting everyone! grove city here, and I have only found three sheds in the past 3 weeks. I have been doing extenxive readin and have found out that since there is not a high demand for food the deer are fine with keeping there head gear on. I understand that I should not be searching for sheds in part of scaring the bucks but with the weather being so awessome I just have to get out. I have been to big darby, deer creek, 762 and only 3 sheds. keep up the posts!

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