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    This year was an update of my Safety Harness. I had been wearing one of the HSS double buckle harness. The one of course before they coated the buckles for silent wear. It was like wearing a refrigerator..... I shopped around, swearing not to buy one unless I wore it first, and it felt right. A trip to Woodbury Outfitters in Coshocton made my choice. The Scentblocker Tree Spyder is what I purchased. Tried it on and fell in Love. Original price of $149.00....on sale $99.00. Wow, what a differance. Its like you are not even wearing one. Light weight, very comfortable, no tangle...What more can I say. Nothing else even came close to comparing in comfort. Seeker BP
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    I switched to the same tree spider harness this year. That thing is so mu h lighter. Though I have found that the back of it creates a hotspot while hiking in. It's still more comfortable than the HSS lead vest.

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