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Thread: all natural ground blind.

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    Re: all natural ground blind.

    went out today shed hunting and to build this blind, got it all put up, its about 3 and a half foot tall or so and about 4 foot wide and deep, I ended up using some old chicken wire fence and some 1 inch PVC pipe, and of course when I was done I got the camera out to take pictures the batteries had crapped theirselves, I will be going out next Friday to take redneckross's advice and plant some seed around the base of it, anyone have any advice on what kind of seed to use, I would also like some advice on how to maybe "camo" the PVC pipe. :thumbs:
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    I did something really similar as a kid... we had some leftover wire fencing one fall so I stuffed all the holes with leaves... you could carry it around, possibly even roll it up loose- and if you laid down in some sort of depression and put it on top of yourself, you could hardly tell it was there. I'd be willing to assume the same would apply here!

    In a lot of places the trees are so thick you aren't going to get the undergrowth coming up your fence material like you want. But you can always stuff the holes with leaves or grasses if you want to.

    I do like the idea of cutting a hole to shoot through though! I like it a lot!

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    really good idea. you could even take it a tad bit further and make the entire frame out of PVC Pipe and then wrap it in the chicken wire. then using 1in pvc pipe make your make a frame for your shooting windows cutting out the chicken wire and zip tying it to the pvc pipe. Great idea and thanks for sharing it.

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