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Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

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Thread: Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

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    Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

    Hi Folks-

    As you may have heard, it is now legal for a dog to be used in the recovery of a wounded deer in OH, provided that the dog is leashed.

    I've got an 18 month old yellow lab that I've been training as a deer recovery dog since she was a tiny puppy. Last season she found 4 deer, and I'd like to keep her active this year.

    If you have a deer down, and could use some help with recovery - give me a shout and let me know. I'll bring her out and we'll see what we can do to help.

    I'm located in Columbus, OH - and have a farm near Athens, OH. My time is split between the two. I would be willing to drive a good ways for a promising recovery opportunity. Needless to say, time matters - and the sooner you contact me, the more likely we are to be successful.

    **I am NOT charging for this, I simply want to give my dog as much practice as possible.** I'd appreciate a contribution to cover gasoline costs, but even that is negotiable.

    I've also got plenty of free time during the day....

    You're welcome to call me on my cell at 614-570-1670, I'll also try to check in here for PMs. *Do not call my cell for any reason other than help with deer recovery - no telemarketers or solicitors please*

    Wondering what the catch is? There isn't one. I think this is fun and just want to work my dog. You and I both benefit - although there are no guarantees. My dog is good, but she's also still learning....

    Be safe out there,

    PS: Moderators: I'll cross post this a couple places... if you feel it's inappropriate for this forum category, please delete it and accept my apologies.
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    Re: Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

    doesn't seem to be a problem Cliff. Welcome to the site and thank you very much for offering help to those searching for their deer.
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    Re: Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

    Sound like a great offer.Welcome to the site.
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    Re: Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

    man where were you 2 seasons ago I shot a 200 inch buck on opening day and never found him.I've put your number in my phone.I live 3 hours north of Columbus are you willing to travel this far? I would want to pay you something for traveling if I was to need you
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    Re: Deer Recovery (Blood-Trailing) Dog Available

    Not far from my area, I will definitely save your number.
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    Is Cliff doing this again this year?

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