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Thread: 2017-2018 season success

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    yeah been super slow as to last or yrs in the past here, did hear a bunch of shooting on Friday, think they started doing a lot of deer drives behind me, as all shooting was pretty 2-3-4 shot strings, which tend to be running shots here and misses more than hits LOl

    Saturday was pretty quiet however, not even many trucks going by, as again to normal/yrs back first saturdays

    on a side note, I had 3 bears show up last night, mother and 2 cubs, so looks like she made it thru the LEGAL part of bear season here, which to me is cool as she is about 11 yrs old now and got to watch her grow up since a cub , she's on her 3 litter of cubs(first was 4, second was 3 and third is now these two) and even crazier, I actually got to see her get bred the first and last litter, just dumb luck happened to turn on lights and they were going at it in my back yard LOL
    first set of cubs was by a smaller male, maybe 350 lbs and this last set was a monster male about 600-625 lbs, he dwarfed her when he was on top, he dogged her for weeks too, and she would take refuge on my deck, as he was for what ever reason scared to come up on deck, it was a funny time watching them, and a huge bear to get to watch as well, she was/is a much larger than normal female too, all of 350 lbs

    here is a pic of them together, during the chase stage
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