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Fracking in Wayne National Forest

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Thread: Fracking in Wayne National Forest

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    Fracking in Wayne National Forest

    There is a petition to stop a proposed lease of 1600 acres of The Wayne for fracking. Please sign to stop this.


    Thank you.
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    I signed it
    but sadly when there is ENOUGH money to be made, its hard to stop
    the MAYBE good side of things is, up here in PA< where they allowed for some drilling and running of pipe lines trhu Game lands(public lands)
    the oil companys made a BIG effort to better things where they did anything,m planted a LOT of food plots and gave the state a BUNCH of cash and yearly earnings for the access

    they can drill a 1/2 mile or more under and side ways
    so odds are there getting into it one way or the other
    the key is to make them HAVE to do something good for the troubles! or possible troubles

    harder part IMO< is getting the state to USE the money they get, to STICK it back into the public side of things and into the habitat and NOT just there pay checks!

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