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Thread: Broadheads

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    Just curious what broadheads everyone will use this yr? And what made you choose it? Cutting dia..ect

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    Last year I decided to try out the Grim Reapers, I think they have about a 1 1/2" cut. Never really got to use them on a deer so I'll be shooting them again. I shot Muzzy's for years and love them, have tried mechanical's in the past and didn't really like them, 2-3 years ago buddy at worked talked me into using Swackers, after shooting a 10 pointer and tracked him 700+ yards decided maybe I didn't want to use them. Heard a lot of good reviews on them so hopefully be able to get a couple pass thru's this year.
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    Still shooting Rocket Steelheads. Trust goes a long way.
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    I switched to G5 T3's 3 years ago and after I stuck one I was hooked. couldn't believe the hole it left. 100gr its only 1.5" diameter but the hole looks so much bigger.
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