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Thread: Gaining permission....?

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    Well and you can't plant on public land or have a feeder on it either and cameras seem to grow legs alot

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    camera's seem to brow legs even on private ground, been my biggest issue(trespassing any how)
    and cannot tell you how many cam's I lost over the yrs, its sad
    I again state cam makers should offer GPS tracking with there camera's
    they'd make a mint!
    I'd pay a good penny to find the A hole that took mine I know that!

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    I also found it productive to ask to take a kid shed hunting or spring turkey hunting. Once you build a relationship through spring or even helping out around the property that summer you have a good chance at deer that fall. Good luck!

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    They make a gps chip or wafer that syncs to your phone. It works great in trail cams.

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