Ok not sure about y'all but over the last 6-7 years it seems like I/we have lost a good bit of private land to deer hunt, due to property being sold, other hunters messing it up, etc. We purchased the house we're in now about 3 years ago and I have been looking around at all of these small (5-30) acre plots of woods scattered around here throughout the crop fields. But here's the catch, to be honest if I don't really know you I don't have that much to say to you. So I plan on trying to find out who owns these plots of woods and in the next few weeks go try to get permission to hunt them. My method of doing so is probably going to be simply knocking on doors and talking. Now I follow all hunting laws and am respectful as anyone can be when it comes to someone else's property...but how do I portray this to the landowner as I ask for permission? What advice do y'all have when it comes to gaining access to private land when you are a complete stranger to the landowner? Any pointers?