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the great outdoor show

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Thread: the great outdoor show

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    the great outdoor show

    well made it to the show today, and MAN this place draws such a HUGE crowd, I got lucky, got a parking spot 50 ft from a door, and what I wanted to see was in that section of the buildings!

    bought another gun safe at a pretty GOOD deal, but not getting it for a few weeks, and I'm in NO hurry to move it LOl

    seen some cool atv's, that Yamaha sxs sport model they have, man them back fenders much be about 4 and a 1/2 ft off the ground, some serious suspension there!
    Honda had the 1000 sxs there as well
    a bunch of 6x6 and 8x8's on tracks and other cool vehicles as well
    , all the major gun company's had very good displays of all there models , a ton of custom gun makers there as well

    most ALL the Hunting TV shows had booths there too

    I only spent about hr there as I had places in mind I wanted to hit and then get out of there, too crowded for my taste, not a big crowd person!!

    but if anyone has never been to this show, again its worth the trip, you can spend all day looking at different things
    I must have seen about 50+ free give away deals, you sigh up and get in a draw, from guns to atv's to gear to???
    Dodge was there giving a chance to win 45k towards a new vehicle

    and for the MEN, MOST all the booths have some female eye candy working them, guess they figure hot chicks have a way of opening up wallets LOL

    I did wander into the boat section, MAN they have some great looking boats today!!
    MAN< I wish I had deeper pockets and larger budget for toys, I would love to have a lot of thing I seen there today!!

    here is a link if anyone cares

    its the largest show of its kind in the World, and people come from all over the world to be there and have booths there too!
    about 10,000+ mounted critters of all types, great show, minus the crowds LOL


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    Its a pretty cool show. If you park by bass pro there is free parking and a free shuttle to the show.
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