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Finally filled second tag .

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Thread: Finally filled second tag .

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    Finally filled second tag .

    Thanks to nomad_archer,

    I decided to fill another tag after my sons accident...I hadn't seen anything no sign, no tracks in the snow, no deer at all for 2 weeks & was definitely tired of freezing in my stand & ready to call it a season...went out last night and out of no where there were 4 deer, 1 doe, 3 bucks...So I took the biggest one he was probably only a 6 point but he was missing one of his antlers he had a big body for only 6 points...so I had a funny looking 3 point...I never took one this late in the season, but it was still really cool to be outdoors...on the bright side I didn't have to eat a deer tag... So today washing and packing away all my hunting gear & spending the afternoon processing the meat for the freezer...come on spring ready to dust off the fishing gear... definitely ready for warmer weather..Good Luck to the ones out there still filling tags.
    I don't care who you are, but when your in the woods and it turns pitch black, your mind can really play tricks on you expecially when you don't know the woods. :001_07:

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    Congrats on the late season buck. My buck I got a couple weeks back was my first January buck. I have killed does in the months September through February. I have now taken a buck in the months October through January.

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    congrats on a late season tag being filled

    I'm getting ready for some coyote hunting, a few contest hunts starting in a few weeks
    36 grand or so in the pot LOL

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    Yay!!! Congrats. I am glad you got back out there after your families experience earlier in the season. Congrats again on filling another tag. Good luck on any future hunting.
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