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What Knives Do You Bring On Your Deer Hunt?

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Thread: What Knives Do You Bring On Your Deer Hunt?

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    Thumbs up What Knives Do You Bring On Your Deer Hunt?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in hearing what kind of knives you bring with you on a hunt..

    I'm a collector and love to hear about cool new knives.

    I'll go first with a few from my collection:

    Kabar Kukri Machete

    Strong chopper, great for clearing and hacking. I have over 5 machetes but this ones my favorite.

    Csar-T Tops Buck Knife

    This buck knife is awesome, normally I'd go with a fixed blade but I just love the durability and quality of this folder.

    Folding Credit Card Knife

    This cool little knife is actually one I got for free from a survival life promotion.

    It has a decent quality blade, sturdy build and yes it actually fits into the credit card area of my wallet. It makes an excellent backup tool and I have it with me ALWAYS.

    The promotion is still going on and now.

    You can get two of these knives for free from http://knifefreebie.com

    I'm not sure how much longer they will be giving them away, it could end anytime.

    Next month I'm planning on picking up 2-3 new blades, I'm open to suggestions!

    Now you've seen mine.. what are your favorites? (machete, buck knife, EDC)

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    I carry an old Rigid RG-74. Fixed blade. Love it. Had it for years.
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    A kershaw "needs work" that the tip is a little bent and has been mostly straightened back out. I know better but still tried to use it to pry something.....
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    I have a 5 gallon bucket of knives or so, maybe more
    over the yrs I went from carrying a BIG fixed blade to some real small one's
    to even just carrying a razor blade to save on weight
    I do NOT care for folding blades when gutting deer, they just get gunked up and messing./harder to clean IMO

    I have a few smaller 3-3.5 inch blade fixed blades with gut hooks on backs, I liked best I think
    small simple and easy to clean and sharpen
    doesn't take a big tool to gut a deer LOL

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