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Moving back to Ohio soon! So exited

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Thread: Moving back to Ohio soon! So exited

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    Moving back to Ohio soon! So exited

    I've been living on Ontario for the past 4 years (work brought me here).. I have to say Ontario is wonderful and full of very nice folks but I can't wait to get back to Ohio and see my friends and family.

    I look forward to chatting and sharing some hunting stories on the boards!



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    welcome back to the states then and Ohio when you get there
    Only time I really have in Ontario was for riding snowmobiles yrs back, BUT sadly then so many thefts started happening there we gave up crossing the border, wasn't worth the risks
    used to also visit there a bunch when I was much younger and buddy's were in Collage in Rochester NY, and well, we crossed the border a lot for some fun and beer many a times
    BUT border crossings were SO easy back then, just your ID and in and out you went, almost non stop

    OH the good old days LOL

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