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New to Ohio

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Thread: New to Ohio

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    New to Ohio

    Well I'm new to the state of Ohio, I have spent my life playing in the mountains of Colorado. I'm looking forward to getting out and exploring Ohio. I do see lots of big fish and nice buck pics all around hopefully this next year I'll able to get my first whitetail.

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    welcome to the site
    Ohio is a heck of a great state for trophy whitetails that's for sure, there are BIG one's all over the State
    but like all things, they ain't easy to kill LOL

    Moving from CO, to Ohio, has to be a let down some in outdoors
    Co is a great state there, so many acre's of land to play on and difference species of game to chase
    but don't always get to pick where we can be

    But welcome to the site and to Ohio

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    Welcome aboard
    I don't partake in assembly-line convenience. I don't say that killing things is bad while I hire people to kill things for me. ~ Ted Nugent

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    Welcome to Ohio

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