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Funny Crazy Story!!!!! Must Read!!!!!

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Thread: Funny Crazy Story!!!!! Must Read!!!!!

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    Funny Crazy Story!!!!! Must Read!!!!!

    So, I shoot a buck on January 5th. I didn't take the truck cause I didn't realize it was so low in gas and I don't ever go to a gas station before I go hunting. I wasn't expecting to get anything but I shot the buck. So I loaded him him in the trunk of the car. I got home and transferred him over to the back of the truck. After that I decide to go get some pizza and have that for supper. I'm in my bedroom eating the pizza and watching TV and there is a loud knock on our front door. I figured my son ordered some food and had it delivered so I didn't get up. A few seconds later there's a louder knock. So, I get up and go to the door and there's 2 policemen standing there. One is kind of standing back and he has his hand right on his holster. I open the door and ask them what's going on as I'm looking towards the street I see 6 police cars around my house. The officer says sir, is that your Impala over there and I said yes. Then he asks me if I killed a deer. Again, I said yes. I then saw a look of relief on there faces as the one officer said they got a phone call and someone called them and gave them my plate number and they said there was a dead body in my trunk and there was blood all over the back of my car. He asked me to clean off the blood then and that was it and they all left. I guess they took my word for it though cause they didn't ask to see in the trunk. I guess they might have saw the buck covered up with a tarp in my truck but I'm not sure. Here is a picture of the car.
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