Remember I told you guys about that person that set up a blind close to one of my stands? Well, I put a camera by this stand about 2 weeks ago cause this spot really heats up mid to late October and into November. A couple days later I noticed he put a camera up as well. I checked the camera 2 times and had a couple decent bucks on it, no monsters but decent ones. I was going to check it this morning after my hunt and the camera was gone. I had a lock on it and the lock was still on the tree. The camera had some plastic braces you could run a lock through and they must have broke off those braces. I also noticed the other guys camera was gone. My guess is he took mine then took his down so I wouldn't snatch his, even though I wouldn't do that. The land owner told me about the big one is back around his house again and he saw him not far from my stand. I'm just wondering if he saw the big one on his camera and didn't want me to see that big one so he took it. The camera was still there on Friday.