Maine Teacher and Guide seeking private land to hunt in exchange for a guided hunt or fishing trip in Maine's western Mountains. My girlfriend and I are very ethical and responsible. I grew up in farm country in Maine (so I am very appreciative of farmers and their hard work) and she shares the same views and values. We are looking for a place to hunt over Christmas vacation this December. We would like to hunt both archery and shotgun, but also would be willing to do only one or the other depending on the wishes of the land owner. We have looked at AEP land and Woodbury, as well as, Wayne Nat. Forest, but stories are these areas are packed with hunters! Not sure if this is true or not so we thought we would try this avenue. Will trade a guided black bear hunt over bait, a moose hunt (hunter must be drawn in the permit lottery) or a guided fly fishing trip in the Rangeley Lakes Region for brook trout or landlocked salmon in exchange for private land access. Would really like for this to become an annual trip for us and for you or anyone you can connect us with.