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Shoot or Pass?????

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Thread: Shoot or Pass?????

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    Shoot or Pass?????

    I am taking a poll on how many would shoot this buck and how many would pass. I'm still trying to determine what I will do if I get the opportunity as I haven't had a good broadside view of him in any of my pictures. Just curious on this picture alone what would you all do?
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    I'd take him. He'd be a nice buck for my area

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    What area are you in if it is pressured heavily I say let it fly unless your not happy with it he is a good buck where I hunt

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    I think its JUST your choice here
    IF you like him, shoot him if you get the chance
    IF you want a bigger buck
    well, then YOU HAVE to pass to get that one, , as once you shoot this one, it ends the chance of getting a larger one this yr?

    NOW if it was me and in Ohio, in a good area where I Know there are bigger
    he would walk past me and I would be just happy to have seen him, and be holding out for bigger
    it truly comes down to what you want and go from there
    don't get caught up in the TV hunting show crap about MUST be this or that to be a GOOD deer

    A GOOD deer is what YOU think it is, NO one else's opinion should matter

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    I'd shoot him.
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    I'd shoot. I dont pass many. If they are legal in PA I am shooting. I just don't get that many opportunities.
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    Why I'd have to take him unless you have ample ground and cover that may hold bigger ones.

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    Ide take him

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    Shoot! (adding my 10 characters :)
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    Shoot it!

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