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    Quote Originally Posted by dt663712 View Post
    Thanks I really appreciate the advice. Like I said before I never really got into bow hunting seriously, it was something to get me out of the house and keep me busy but yet be relaxed. I've played the second shot over and over in my head but I could have swore I had hit the lung area unless he the way his leg was strectched while running at me had his shoulder blade in the way that it blocked my shot.
    OK NOW< I have to ask, when you first SHOT this deer what direction was its body in?
    a frontal shot is a very low success rate shot to take, I can understand if you took it as a second shot to try and end things if that was what you had, but its NEVER a shot I would take, all the more so if the deer was running, running shots are just way low odds deals.

    when shooting a deer with a bow, your best shots are when a deer is broadside or many times better yet, quartering away from you, so you can get an arrow behind the shoulder blade angled up into its vitals, just saying.

    the FACTS again that deer isn't going far, as your jumping it, MEANS its hurt bad, or it would most likely have gone MILES by now
    there is still a chance to recover this deer, and I highly again recommend you make the effort

    its the correct ethical thing to do as well IMO

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    Did you ever go back out and try to find him?
    I live life at full draw....

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