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Good hunt tonight.

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Thread: Good hunt tonight.

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    Good hunt tonight.

    Went out with my dad this evening on the property behind his house. We didn't have any deer come in even though it was perfect conditions. We did have 2 coyotes come in within 26 minutes apart. I shot at the biggest and missed because I failed to notice a small branch in my way. He came straight down my path that I walked in on. I used ever calm on my boot. I can't say that it works for deer yet but it seems to bring coyotes in. He was about 70 yards out until he hit my trail and trotted right to me at 20 yards and never knew I was there until I shot. Oh well I'll see him again I'm sure.

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    That's awesome brother! I've got a few coyotes on my trail cams whose days are numbered.

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    Yea I wish I would've hit him. I seen him buckle hard and thought I got him until I noticed he wasn't pouring blood from the 2" chisel tips lol. The second one my dad missed as well. I watched the whole thing from where I sat. We both thought he hit him because he was running funny but the arrow was clean and no blood anywhere. The first one was almost as big as my dads German shepherd. He was huge

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    We've got some coydogs in my area. My coworkers dad shot one in his backyard

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