Just figure we could start a thread to share what we're seeing out there, instead of having to look at a bunch of different threads to find out.

So over the past couple weeks I've been seeing some does on the way home from work here and there but the last week seems like business is picking up (granted this is all between 10-11 pm). The wife said we had 2 does in the food plot/corn feeder last night before dark. Then as I turned on our road last night, came around a 90 curve and there stood a nice tight 8 pointer standing 5' off the rd. Headlights hit him and he jumped into the bean field but I was able to keep my lights on him for a few seconds to get a better look before he trotted off. Not sure where he came from (maybe the 2 big corn fields down the rd they cut yesterday) cuz I don't have any pics of him all year but I was obviously stoked to see him 150 yards from my driveway. Not sure if he was a shooter for me yet but definitely a nice deer with a lot of potential! Hopefully the wife can get a crack at him!