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Ever calm? Is it worth it?

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Thread: Ever calm? Is it worth it?

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    Ever calm? Is it worth it?

    Has anyone used it and what were your results? I just bought the rutting buck and ever calm twin pack with my new boots today to test it. My dad is going to put it out by his cameras to see how it does since I work wild hours and don't have time. But I'm curious to see what everyone else has seen or done with it.

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    I have tried it but never had any deer come around while it was out so I dont know. I decided to go scent free years ago. I would rather have the deer not know I am there. While it may not be the norm, I have had more success not using scents then when I did.
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    I've had a number of deer this season follow my path, right to the base of my stand. I put it on my boots before walking in, put a little on the base of my tree, then leave it sticking out of my pack with the lid off. I'm a believer
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