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Thread: A deer for Adalyn

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    Thx I appreciate it

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    Wanted to share with you that my family will be praying as well. I am a father of six children and have experienced the joy of being with both of my oldest sons for their first deer harvest, and one of them for his first bow harvest. My wife has only one ovary and we were not sure we could ever have children. We have endured several miscarriages along the way. God has a plan... and it will reveal itself over time ... Who would have imagined we would end up with six children 20 years apart?

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    I appreciate it mneal. We just keep praying and know God has a plan

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    Quite ironic...you got picked on my team and my grand daughters name is Adalyn! And that surely isn't a common name...she just turned 3...in our prayers!
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    My wife and I were talking about names and she loves that name and I liked it too so it stuck lol. Definitely not a common name but it's a pretty one.

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