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crops this yr

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Thread: crops this yr

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    crops this yr

    well don't know how things are growing where your at, BUT all my apple tree's this yr are loaded up with apples, should be a good yr here for them come fall
    BUT soybeans in my area are way behind in growing this yr, corn is a little behind, but NOT as far behind as the beans, and we all got pl;anted early this yr due to warm soil and lack of mud, that gave farmers early plantings
    NOT sure what acorns loo like, , but chestnut tree's are full of buds
    how's your crops looking ?? anyone finding any blue berry's/black berry's/ and like's yet?

    we had a late frost here after the berry's were green, and I think it ruin them here this yr, so, NO berry's here really to be found so far!!

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    Haven't made it down to the Ohio property yet since Spring but found out they planted soybeans on all our fields this year. That will suck for late season for sure. Apple trees up here are loaded as well.
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    Plenty of apples here and beans are a little behind corn will be a bumper crop doing very well

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    Crops here are looking ok. You can definitely tell who got their crops in early and who didn't tho. Seems like most of the farmers around the house planted beans again this year, was hoping for some corn, drove around a lil bit yesterday and only saw a couple fields of corn. Don't have any apple trees around to tell how they are doing.
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