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Thread: total food plot package and then some

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    Thanks for replying. How close are you to Horsham?

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    northeast PA
    I am about 80 miles north of there, a good 1.75 hrs drive give or take pending traffic, I will gladly gibe you a deal on things if you want some, ONLY main deal I have is I have to, or I should say will NOT separate the 340 tractor from the 2 point fast hitch implements, they all get sold together, OR I will keep them, as if I sell tractor without them, it will make selling them implements harder for me and don't want the hassle
    the rest I will sell individually or in a package or???
    IF I base everything on average LOW side of what others are TRYING to sell like items for, it adds up to almost 14 k alone on just the farm tractors and implements
    the trucks I THINK I have sold, have a guy coming tomorrow that might take both, and have a guy MAYBE coming for the one HAY wagon tomorrow and also, another guy tomorrow coming to look at the grain elevators
    SOLD the wood stove being sold in an hr, to a buddy
    I think I must be nuts, but don't really need it
    it was bought NEW in 1978, and then stuck in a barn, NEVER even used ONCE or hooked up
    had some surface rust on it, I spent all day yesterday cleaning it up with a wire wheel, and then some 2,000 degree stove paint, gave it a few coats
    and then sold it for $300.00 to a buddy, But I sunk 80 into it in paint and wire wheels and about 8 hrs of my time, I am sure I could have sold it for more, BUT< hey, what are fiends for?? LOL
    here is a before and after pic's
    Forgot to take pic before I strapped it down, and will be delivering it in about an hr LOL
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails NEW farm stuff pictures 113.jpg   NEW farm stuff pictures 114.jpg   wood stove 001.jpg   wood stove 002.jpg  

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    just an update
    sold a few things
    the chevy truck is gone,
    the hay wagons are gone,
    the grain elevators are gone
    the welder is gone
    Disc's MIGHT be sold, Guy plans to come this week some time to look?

    But rest is still for sale
    the harrows and culti packer can be used behind an atv for making food plots, in case anyone cares LOL

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