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    I wouldn't NOT own one, I have hunted in many laces where the bugs are BAD, from AK to swamps here in PA
    and its a super bug suit, that simple design of a double layer mesh, just plain works
    I cannot tell you how crazy it is to have say 200-300 mosquito's on you and NOT getting bit by a single one
    the buzzing will drive you nuts, BUT sure beats getting sucked dry
    I also use a therma cell in early season, SO I don't have to wear the head net,a s they suck, LOL
    But even the head net that comes with the jacket isn't so bad on the Bug tamer jacket
    can see good till very low light, and then its get harder, but normally I can flip if up fast if needed, or suck up the last 10-15 minutes and donate a little blood for the last few minutes of a sit , IF I don't have a therma cell going that is!

    I have tried several bug suits over the yrs and to date this one is by far the best of them all

    I have a buddy that works as a guide in AK, and right now he is having a lot of luck with the clothing that is coated in Permethrin, he says it works good for about 4-6 weeks, pretty good, then its SO SO at best, BUT if going on a hunt, and its a week or 2 of hunting, its NOT a bad deal maybe??
    or for summer time, as they make REAL clothes with it, NOT just hunting apparel
    this si what he is using now, for working NOT just hunting in AK, and they have BUGS there , trust me, when he says something works OK<
    it should be a pretty decent product! LOL



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    hey guys, i love this sight but baseball & softball rapped up in middle of july, short break then football and new this year to our house....volleyball!!! just a few reasons i'm not on here so far....cameras have been out up here so its close guys...enjoy the summer

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    Been a couple year since I've posted still ghost reading on site from time to time. Getting ready to head out to the stand in 30 mins or so winds perfect for the ladder stand next to the food plot behind my house 😀

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